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Great news for residents of Ohio - if you cannot get to Klingshirn Winery, the wine can come to you. You can get home delivery to any addresses in the state of Ohio.

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A bottle of Home Run Red wine

Home Run Red

Semi-Dry Red Wine

A real crowd pleaser, this dry red blend of Cabernet Franc and local hybrids has a great balance, mouthfeel and complexity. Stop by the winery to sample for yourself. It'll be a hit at your next party.

A bottle of Niagara wine



Semi-Sweet White Wine

A native American grape, the Niagara grape is a member of the Vitis Labrusca grape family. With its ability to withstand hot summers and cold winter conditions, winemakers find consistent success with these grapes for wine production. Locally sourced, Klingshirn Winery Niagara wine is semi-sweet white varietal wine with fruity characteristics and aroma. It's perfect for a refreshing drink and can be used to make fruity sangria or wine cocktail spritzer.

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Custom Wine Labels

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Pouring red wine into a bottle

Taste Before You Buy

Stop in at the Winery in Avon Lake for an inexpensive tasting, and choose your favorite wine.



Third Generation Family Farm & Winery

Portrait of Albert and Theresa Klingshirn

Albert and Theresa

circa 1947
Photo of Allan and Barbara Klingshirn next to the winery sign

Allan and Barbara Klingshirn

circa 1978
Frank, Theresa, Josephine, Nancy and Lee Klingshirn in the vineyard

Lee and Nancy Klingshirn

circa 2011

Not far from the shores of Lake Erie, off State Route 83 in Avon Lake, Ohio, you’ll find the Klingshirn family farm and winery. Established in 1935 by Albert and Theresa Klingshirn, their Concord grape vineyards have been the mainstay crop for the first fifty-years producing local wine favorites like Concord, Niagara and Pink Catawba.

In the 1980's, additional vineyards were established and today produce locally sourced wines that include Vidal Blanc, Chambourcin, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Delaware.